Il software è come il sesso, è meglio quando è libero. (Software is like sex, it's better when it's free).

— Linus Torvalds

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How create a ePUB with OpenOffice and Sigil I had already decided that I want to create the eBook version in EPUB format , especially for the usual question of "damn, I do not know to do and I'd like to know how to do it". Awesome :D. However I imagined it would be easier, especially considering that I began from a nice file, already made up using OpenOffice. And here I had my first delusion: OpenOffice, and its ODT format, as regards ePUB, has a lack of popularity ... :(

But never give up! Vi dico che avrò provato 100 software diversi, scartandone 200 in breve tempo :(. Being able to keep my layout and chapter divisions already present in the ODT file, it seemed impossible. Start over? Never! Now I will tell you what to use.

First you need to download the plug-in OpenOffice (or LibreOffice) that, despite the name, also has a great export filter that exports directly into ePUB!. Try the various parameters e. .. hallelujah! Almost.

The file produced by Writer2LaTeX is full of markers and chapters (if they were present in the source file, of course) and already works in your Android device (with reader for example), but the resulting file is a bit 'dirty' (in the sense that the syntax of 'HTML is not perfect) and if you try to publish on a specialized site (like ) tells you that it is not a valid file. Sobh!

Do not worry, download , a nice cross-platform WYSIWYG eBook editor. Sigil has an excellent function to validate your eBook, highlighting the problems.
At this stage, with a good guide, can you also add a nice cover. To to be more sure you can also use an online validation tool, like .

To read the eBook on your PC can use Sigil itself, or , a tool that would also create eBooks, but I was not able to do anything good from a ODT, or even a handy .

That's it! Good luck!

Who cares, my Ubuntu Server eBook is available here:



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